User Experience Design, Business Driven Results

When designing, I try to answer three questions: do they want this? is there a market for this? can we do this?

Coming from the finance and entertainment industry, I strongly believe in creating meaningful, innovative, and profitable experiences that delight customers. As a former performer with a keen sense of empathy, I strive to combine creativity and business acumen to create user-centric experiences your customers will love.

Acquired Tools


A New Path

Transition During Covid

Like for many of us, Covid period has been a time of transformation and re-evaluation. I began working on a passion project (Magic Hub) where I discovered UX Design and decided to pursue it as a career. The combination of business, psychology, and design as disciplines was a beautiful blend of several personal interests working together in order to create a positive experience for humanity.

Completing Bootcamp

I decided to enroll into BrainStation UX Design bootcamp full-time in order to familiarize myself with industry tools used in design.

Finance Background

After getting formal training in finance, I’m able to understand numbers and relate design decisions to business value.